Friday, June 18, 2010


Oh well. Those who know me will laugh at this. Ms. Organization missed her flight. Can you believe that? I actually misread the itinerary and saw the Atlanta departure as 3pm. So we were all ready and at the airline counter at noon; nice breakfast, car delivered to buyer, dogs picked-up by exporter agent, derm check done. But ooops..... connection to HK was departing at 3.. Atlanta was leaving at noon.. For the first time in my life, I missed a flight. Of all days and all flights. With my 12 pieces of luggage, 2 kids and exhausted from the past 2 months of organizing this departure.

It took 2 hours, 3 agents and a few tears (of frustration but who's telling..) to finally get re-routed tonight 9pm, via Boston. Overnight in Boston (thank goodness the airport Mariott had a room), and back on track tomorrow, same flight, same arrival time, just 24 hours later.

It could have been worse; at first the agent was talking about having to wait until the 19th to leave and pay $3000 a piece for coach tickets......But after a few more tears (yes sireee!....), the male agent probably couldn't stand it and somehow booked us on this new flight for only a small change fee. I could have kissed him - I didn't.... What an adventure.

The morale of the story: always be anal and re-check your flights the night before you leave...I will.


  1. Love it!!
    What a perfect way to start a new adventure in Asia; leave everything you think you know...behind!!

    Be safe and have fun:).

  2. So not like you!!
    I hope you made it safe after all that trouble.
    Keep us posted.

  3. Hey! What about the kids? We have a following website too, you know!

    Were the kids keep in touch!