Monday, July 5, 2010

Settled in and Exploring!

SO...After 2 weeks in HK, we are pretty settled in. After the actual departure, the flight was uneventful and arrival perfect since we all missed Steve who missed us too. The house was all set - yes indeed! - and all cleaned up too! The things you didn't know some people can do... There is hope.

We are now getting very spoiled with this incredible place: our view is so beautiful, the weather is hot and humid but pretty much always very nice and the Chinese hospitality and customer service orientation - everywhere but the banks! -is absolutely wonderful.
We have purchased some interesting pieces to complete the furnishing of the house and visited some great places. You would never know you are in HK when you take a hike on Cheung Chau! Noone around and an incredible view off the cliffs. Just incredible. Highly recommend the Cheung Chau hike for any visitor who can walk: this 3-4 hour stroll takes you through the residential areas of the island, away from the tourist spots, around to a very interesting cemetery and then to a secluded beach which unfortunately was pretty dirty - don't know why - then up to the cliffs with an arresting view (literally)
and then to a true pirate cave dating from the 1800s. The kids loved that, although it was pretty scary. Very steep ladders in and out, pitch black in there and VERY narrow passages - backpack passed forward since it won't fit on your back!- water dripping from condensation.. Some pretty entrepreneurial Chinese man sits at the exit with a first aid kit, useful for the scrapes that result from this exploration.

We also visited The Big Buddha - lots of fun for the kids - had vegetarian lunch with the monks at Po Lin Monastery, saw pink (very pink) dolphins in Tai O,

took the tram in Central, experienced all forms of public transportation; from the red little taxis, to the MTR subway, public buses and ferries. A BBQ under the rain in Mui Wo where we met Rob, Steve Vickers and his wife YY, and a cozy afternoon - and haircuts - in Stanley, the American mecca it seems, where restaurants feel like any sidewalk terrace in the US except for the universal chop sticks..

Overall, this is turning out to be lots of fun, a great adventure. Steve's work is enjoyable, challenging and interesting.

We now prepare for our adventure to Australia next week to celebrate the big bday and see that other part of the world. Next post when we return!


  1. Hey! Exploring is fun, but some times we do go to the not best places. Once we went to this stinky village somewhere, were we saw the PINK dolphins, it was all fish. fresh fish ( At least that's what mom said.) Dried fish, potato chip fish. Chip fish, alive fish, eye-balled fish, STINKY FISH!!! Had to hold your breath the whole time you were there!Me and Grant were about to suffocate! Here's some advice: Never go to somewhere were the only thing they sell is FISH!!!

  2. Papa, You look weird in that hat!